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kimmie nguyen's sketchbook and inspiration

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Selfie Sketch #2 featuring MosieCat

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"Let’s hangout!"

"study" of otters. Tee hee.

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Squishy Fat Octopus by Kimmie Nguyen

KyootsPaToots. For you, Jess H.

I was asking Jess for ideas to draw. She said “Draw a fart. Draw Mosie Farting.” Done. Not the most creative, but it has a certain charm to it.

Sketchbook dump! More animals based on Sachiko Umoto’s lessons.

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#wip : Fiona and Cake!!! A highly anticipated episode for me. The romance! The suspense! The costumes! Swoon. #drawing

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Quick drawing on iPad. Trying to keep simple shapes.

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Red haired baby on the bus. #drawing #cute

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Be careful in considering the #cats you work for.

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Hello. A season early, but who cares. #rabbit #drawing